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Tip the Farmer creates an opportunity for coffee lovers everywhere to directly tip the farmers who produce the exceptional coffee we enjoy. From farmer to barista to customer its people that make coffee great and your appreciation can help to grow farmers and change communities.

We help coffee-farming families, cooperatives, and community-based organizations identify challenges, resources, and strategies to build long-term solutions to increase production and quality of the coffee they grow and ultimately to improving their communities as a whole. We don’t assume we know what the farmers need, instead, we help communities identify locally appropriate solutions and strategies – and support them in making these a reality.

DR Congo, Virunga

The DR Congo and Kivu province is mostly known for the war which has affected the region for the last 30 years. What we may not realise is that this country produces some of the finest coffees in the world, coffees which have been cultivated by farmers and their families for generations.

Virunga Coffee has been working alongside farmers since 2011 to help them increase the quantity of their production and to encourage them to focus on quality. Virunga Coffee’s vision is “Change life in DRC through mutually profitable business”.

R55,000 will increase 185 farmers revenue by 16% which will be used for education, agronomy and household improvements.

  1. DR Congo, Virunga

    DR Congo, Virunga
    R 12,628.34 donated of R 55,000.00 goal

Tip The Farmer

Burundi, Musema

The Musema Cooperative (Codemu) is located in the Kayanza province of northern Burundi. Codemu consists of 300 members and there are approximately 500 farmers supplying cherries to the cooperative.

R55,000 will fund an agronomist for a year which can double farmer income.

  1. Burundi, Musema

    Burundi, Musema
    R 10,223.22 donated of R 55,000.00 goal

Tip The Farmer

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The companies that make tip the farmer possible

This innovative initiative has been made possible by Bean There, Elan RDC, Motherland and Olam.

Bean There directly sources the world’s most exclusive coffee which it roasts in small batches. They were South Africa’s first roaster of Certified Fairtrade coffee, and strive to make a sustainable difference in the lives of African coffee producers by personally sourcing quality coffee through direct fair trade.

Motherland Coffee Company pioneers a movement that reclaims Africa’s coffee heritage. Through fair trade practice, and the pursuit of social justice, they source a variety of beans from a number of respected African coffee producing co-operatives and small farmers, paid for at a fair price.

ÉLAN RDC (“DRC impetus” in French) is a UKAID market development project in the DRC implemented by Adam Smith International. They work to tackle the root causes of market failures and constraints and work with the private sector to design and spread new economic models that increase income, create jobs and lower prices for the poorest.

Olam engages directly with millions of farmers’ families right at their farm, supporting them, and offering them a market from their products. Olam then processes the coffee with the highest international standards, exports, transports, insure, manage risks, and sell it to roasters around the globe. Olam is deeply engaged to generate economic prosperity and contributing positively to social wellbeing of coffee farmers’ communities. Olam also engages to better measure and mitigate its environmental footprint by growing responsively. Find out more by clicking here.